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Facebook Marketplace Deliveries

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Moving Your Small Business?

Your business is growing and you need to relocate to a larger office space.
We can help with that too. Call us at 604-441-5299 with the details and we can help.

This is a special service we offer to all local residents. If you have purchased something off facebook market place and need it picked up and delivered, we can do it for you. We are like the uber for your market place deliveries.

We deliver pretty much anything and we can pick up and deliver to any major city you are in For example, if you purchased a couch, we can go pick it up and bring it to you or if you purchased a mattress and need it picked up and delivered, we can do that too.

We will need some information from you like the pick up address, the drop off address and a few other information in order to provide you a quote and advise it is doable. You can contact us via chat or call us directly on 604-441-5299 to discuss the details.

Save on delivery costs

We can also combine pick ups, for example, you purchased a couch and a dinning table and need them both picked up, it will work out to be more affordable compared to picking them up separately and delivered to you.

We pretty much can do any marketplace pick up and delivery either from Facebook marketplace, Craigslist or Kijiji. Just send us a message or call us at 604-441-5299

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